Sunday, July 10, 2011


so i've been away from my laptop for a week now, visiting relatives in the middle of nowhere (desert land...)
and finally i come home, weary and eager to catch up on romantic foreign dramas and movies and let out everything here...
when my mom tells me that someone has vandalized my house for the SECOND time. somebody apparently hates me. and i think i know who it is.
the first time, my front lawn was strewn with toilet paper, with breadcrumbs all over the doorstep. the second time, two days ago, my lawn was littered with plastic forks with a letter taped to the front door saying "congrats on fucking graduating"

..okay. i admit, i can be cold to people sometimes. i don't respond to random texts from seedy guys, and i can be withdrawn at times.

but i'm not sorry for working my ass off to get into a prestigious university, and i'm not sorry for not being a bubbly cheerleader who's happy enough to not give a damn about her insecurities.
so there.

haters can continue vandalizing my house and calling me a snob, hard to get, tease, whatever.

no one knows me.

not eating dinner tonight. a week's worth of my aunt's cooking can't be good for my body.

if i'm going to have haters, might as well love myself. by the end of summer i want to be skinnier than i ever was before, and stay that way.

i'm eager to meet the new and improved coco.


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  1. I love your attitude girl. Don't let the haters bother you, cause they'll never be you. <3