Wednesday, May 25, 2011

my stats

17 going on 18 (in a few months)
highest weight: 126 lbs
current weight: 122 lbs
lowest weight: 108 lbs

short term goals: -go down to at least 121 by tonight
- at least 120 by thursday
- 118/119 by friday

long term goals: 110 solid weight by the end of summer

strengths: enjoys exercise

weaknesses: likes carbs
tends to eat at night
can't sleep early due to studies (this will change soon after i graduate!)

weight loss tips of the week:

*drink fluids, tea, and don't eat much in the morning (but eat something to boost your metabolism); it will motivate you to "keep your record clean" throughout the day

*study in a cafe so you're conscious of others and you don't stuff yourself silly

my motivations: -seeing him this week
-seeing my clavicles protrude even more
-seeing my shoulder bones
-having narrower thighs
-getting a flat tummy

all of that is underway..! i can do this... and it'll feel absolutely wonderful when it happens! to motivate myself further, starting from next month i might post up progress pictures. maybe.


georgia on my mind

hello lovelies,

for the past two days my stomach has been quite uneasy due to stress and whatnot, but the bright side is that i lost some weight! i want to lose a few more pounds before i meet a special somebody this friday, so i'm going to try not to eat much today.

perhaps i shall do a liquid fast? i had a bowl of rice milk and one calcium vitamin for breakfast.

i think i'll have some soup or something at around 2pm or 3pm, then have some other liquid at around 5 for dinner. then hopefully i can last through studying for finals with lots and lots of coffee and tea!

wish me luck beautiful girls <3


p.s. i've missed you a lot <3

Saturday, May 21, 2011

if pandas and other vegetarian animals eat stuff like bamboo shoots and leaves

...why are they so fat?

this is proof that i need exercise daily. lots of it. not just dieting.

Thursday, May 19, 2011


i had food,

but not to the point where i'm exploding and not many carbs. going to go to the gym today for as long as i want and maybe take a walk around my neighborhood.

i am determined to go down the scales, pound by pound.

coco :)

Wednesday, May 18, 2011


i ate so much....

i worked out today but still. i ate so much.

....i still have to lose a pound a day....

i'm going to shower, work on my essay, and go running at midnight if i have to.

i have to...

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

-pb &j sandwich
-pieces of apple
-panda express
-some chocolate almonds
stopped eating: around 5 pm

going to work out, work on my english paper, and sleep before 1,hopefully.

let's do thisss.

i ate terribly but i'm going to start working out daily as of today, stop eating junk food and start winning no matter what..

i've been thinking lately,
and i think i can do this. i know i can do this. i've been thin before, and i can be thin now.

i can do this.

just watch me, all of you.

i'm going to drop 10 lbs by the end of this month.


Monday, May 16, 2011

to jog

or do my english paper..?

Sunday, May 15, 2011

felt pretty during the dance
looked terrible in the pictures
got drunk
realized some friends couldn't care less about me
felt sick when my date held me close

overall it was an experience. i'm just glad it's over.

from an outside perspective i probably seemed happy and excited.

but it's often that way, you know?

anyways, i like sleep because you don't eat during that period and you feel just fine not doing so. will try to eat a minimal amount today and go for a jog

good day beautiful girls.


Saturday, May 14, 2011


going to the prom in a few hours.
wearing a lovely chiffon black dress with an open back and side cuts.
going to feel fat, especially during the pictures.
but i'm going to try to feel pretty, just for tonight.

p.s. Sofia, thanks for your comment. stuff like that never fails to lift up my spirits :)

Monday, May 9, 2011

enemy numero one: chocolate

tried to drink mostly liquids today
but i ended up eating solid food and some chocolate...

on the plus side i didn't eat until i felt like exploding (which is often the sad case) and it's only 5:31 pm meaning if i dont eat anything for the rest of the day i can still be fine.

here's to a better tomorrow!

Saturday, May 7, 2011


i'm embarking on a liquid fast for the whole week. i don't want to faint, or lose so much energy that i'm unable to go about my regular schedule (study, exercise, socialize).
what drinks should i stick with throughout my fast? i know i should take a lot of vitamins...

by the way i have a lot of testing this week, as well as prom the following weekend...

this won't do.

i've moved to tumblr with tons of friends from school following me, but this cannot do. i can't ignore the girl inside, whispering, begging me to stop fooling myself any longer.

i cannot hide from myself. her, me.

i'm back, and this time i think it's for good.

i'm celebrating my return with a week-long liquid fast.

sorry for hiding for so long, lovelies. i'm here to stay.