Wednesday, March 23, 2011

a little bit about me

i was reading all of your beautiful blogs (believe me, i still do..) and i came across Athena's lovely blog..and was very much pleasantly surprised to see that i was given a Versatile Blogger Award! :) it was much too sweet to pass on, so i decided to take up the challenge and do a little about moi ..

1. I'm terribly in love with a boy whose feelings are as murky and changing as the sea
2. I like watching foreign films and reading the subtitles and listening to the words
3. I like mangoes and strawberries
4. My favorite colour is blue, and i like to spell colour this way.
5. I love flowy dresses but I like wearing jeans whenever I can
6. I've never been kissed on the lips
7. I want to find my soulmate

i'd like to hear from anyone who reads this :) learning more about you beautiful girls is always a wonderful gift <3

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