Tuesday, April 20, 2010

much ado about nothing

i keep back my tears
to save them for when time calls
but lately i feel the need
to let them fall when they want


  1. It helps to cry sometimes. it is a way of release. to just let everything go. sometimes it helps. feel better afterwards, like you can start afresh again. kind of liberating in a way i guess.
    this post is lovely, just so you know, as are you, i missed you, xo.

  2. tears are strange, i've never understood them but i guess sometimes they help. crying depicts how we feel in such simple terms and sometimes that simplicity is a relief.

    i hope you feel brighter, i wondered where you'd gone xx

  3. then just let them fall.

    and i think that's what blogging is all about- finding people who share your interests, who you can relate to.

  4. I love your writing.
    Sometimes, it helps to let them fall.