Wednesday, April 28, 2010

tough it out

so lately i've been eating chips and random tidbits of death at school...

which has resulted in monstrosity in my thighs, belly and arms


i've been trying to keep up with "healthy" dieting- which is essentially a less extreme diet that lasts longer to have permanent effects

and it hasn't been working, namely because i haven't been following it!!

so i apologize for being bad and i must get in shape starting now!

i think i have a plan- to cut out on eating altogether at school, and just have an early dinner when i get home.

which means i'll be having breakfast and dinner, and my chances of binging at home will be less because i'll have just eaten an actual dinner.

sounds good? i'm not sure if it'll work because i do crave a lot of shit at school, but it's worth a try- i need to get that flat stomach!

wish me luck, lovelies



  1. thanks for your lovely comment!
    i hope your plan works out fine, at least it seems quite doable.
    wishing you luck,

  2. that's how i started, by skipping all food at works a treat as long as you don't eat much once back home. it seems on the wrong side of healthy too, as in not too extreme but not normal either ;) good luck xx

  3. I feel this way too.
    I have been eating so much junk at school.
    Good luck.


  4. Thats what I do, I totally skip lunch at school. The only thing is I get home at 4, and dinner isn't until 6 or so, sometimes I end up binging but I'm slowly getting stronger :)
    Good luck with it, xo.

  5. thanks for your comments, loves <3