Wednesday, May 25, 2011

my stats

17 going on 18 (in a few months)
highest weight: 126 lbs
current weight: 122 lbs
lowest weight: 108 lbs

short term goals: -go down to at least 121 by tonight
- at least 120 by thursday
- 118/119 by friday

long term goals: 110 solid weight by the end of summer

strengths: enjoys exercise

weaknesses: likes carbs
tends to eat at night
can't sleep early due to studies (this will change soon after i graduate!)

weight loss tips of the week:

*drink fluids, tea, and don't eat much in the morning (but eat something to boost your metabolism); it will motivate you to "keep your record clean" throughout the day

*study in a cafe so you're conscious of others and you don't stuff yourself silly

my motivations: -seeing him this week
-seeing my clavicles protrude even more
-seeing my shoulder bones
-having narrower thighs
-getting a flat tummy

all of that is underway..! i can do this... and it'll feel absolutely wonderful when it happens! to motivate myself further, starting from next month i might post up progress pictures. maybe.



  1. It's good to remind yourself what you're going to do, it keeps people on track. Good luck though, it sounds like you've got the whole week planned out and you're ready to go!!