Sunday, June 12, 2011


everything is easier when you've come really far and you feel good about yourself..

so let's try to be positive and move forward.

first of all i'd like to thank you girls, all of you, so much... for just being there for me and leaving encouraging words. i know we're all dealing with some sort of obstacle, and we're going to make it through, no matter how long it takes.

so i guess the positive part of this post is that : i have all summer to improve my body, my health, my habits, everything!

this week's goals:
-clear up skin
-lose 3-5 lbs

ways to achieve these goals:
-check my blog every day to remind myself of my goals
-jog every morning/at least 1 hour of exercise daily (i actually prefer jogging at around 5pm because i don't like the intensity of sunlight...but isn't morning healthier?)
-drink water and tea
-make myself smoothies
-sleep early (or at least earlier..)

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