Tuesday, June 7, 2011


i am no longer dating the boy.
he told me sweet nothings and made my heart beat abnormally fast
made me smile and smile and smile
made me happy.
made me feel pretty.

but he lied, he denied everything, and he didn't want to be "tied down".

this morning i felt a heaviness in my heart. a hole the size of a crater in my chest. i wondered how i could fix this, tried desperately to erase the feeling of terrible nothingness in my being. i forced myself to eat because i literally felt like collapsing, but i couldn't sleep.

i then proceeded to feel a little better after watching some youtube videos (self help videos, british reality videos, make up tutorials...) and eating some food.

i went on a long run today, and at this rate if i keep running daily i'm going to lose weight :) i'm already slimmer now and i can see it in my collarbones. hopefully i drop all this weight by the end of summer!

any suggestions for healthy eating, things to do on my free time, beauty tips.. ?

much love,


  1. I cannot offer productive tips, as I smoke and starve in my spare time, but dearest I want to empathise with you. I know how you are feeling, and god it is bittersweet.

  2. I know how you're feeling.
    All you can do is keep a smile on your pretty face and know that someday all the pain will turn into love.


    P.S. Collar bones are so pretty :)

  3. the only advice i can give you is eat healthy and often. but you seem to be doing well, good luck! <3 stay lovely. dont let that boy have an effect on you, beautiful.

  4. Eat looots and lots of fruits and veggies. They'll help you feel full with all the fiber and water. The water also helps you lose weight, because you'll lose the fat much easier if you're hydrated.

    Make sure to get enough healthy fats, like nuts and such in your diet too. People often forget about those because they're "fat" buuuut, if you don't get enough fat, your body actually makes it harder to remove what's already in there. Just avoid saturated fat, like chips and cheeseburgers and such. Eat avocadoes or olive oil.

    I could go on forever. If you'd like any more nutrition advice, just sent me an email or a message via blogger.

    allinaesthetics@aol.com :)