Monday, December 13, 2010

dreamy plans

i am repulsed by my body.

the only way i can starve is to finish my fucking finals and have my college apps out of the way. then i can lock myself in my room and watch foreign films all day, without a single bit of food touching my lips.

i can hike deep into the mountains with a copy of Faust and a blanket and some water, and read for hours and sleep in the sun.

i can go to the beach and listen to music and watch the sky change colors.

i can spend the night with a boy i like watching the city and the stars smoking weed

i can go swimming at the gym for hours

i can lie in my bed until 1pm and feel my ribs and hipbones and feel happy

does this sound sick? i feel giddy just thinking about this..


  1. i think that sounds absolutely lovely. how said we need food to enjoy ourselves, aye? good luck with finals!


  2. It sounds as the behavior I don't have,

  3. no, it sounds perfect

  4. It scares me because of how perfect this sounds.

  5. My sweet coco, it does not sound sweet. It sounds just perfect, it sounds just like what i think about everyday. Xoxo, love you honey