Wednesday, December 1, 2010

take em' up

so what do you do

when you suddenly hate your best friend with a passion
and you hate everyone
and you fucking hate yourself?

i want to sleep for a hundred years

and wake up to a new world.


  1. powerful, angry feelings are as fugacious as they are disarming, love. :)

  2. I want to sleep for a hundred years too,

    depending on the reason, you can forgive her, and forgive the world, get used to it
    or make her disappear from your life,


  3. i don't know, but i am going through a very similar situation. when you find out, tell me.
    waking up to a new world sounds perfect.

  4. let's go together.
    i missed you.
    i'm back but in a different place


  5. thankfully everythings good, exepting school It's the end of the year here and my marks are kind of bad, so studing
    and you?

    lots of love

  6. I sleep. Not for a hundred years, of course. But i sleep as long as i can. I read, i listen to music. I breath. Hang in there coco, sorry i not here all the time anymore. But i always think of you. Hope life gets better. I love you.