Thursday, December 9, 2010


sometimes i don't really have a reason.

or do i? maybe there is a small, invisible reason, so tiny yet so important that it gnaws at my mind and my conscience and forces me to act the way i do.

what am i saying? you don't understand me, do you? it's okay because i don't understand myself either.

superficial? well i am made of flesh, i suppose everything on this earth must be superficial then.

temptation to lapse back into old habits and hedonistic pleasures
back into self hate and hatred of others
agony bitterness jealousy envy

lips part, eyes widen and i start to make a move
but i stop myself, shut my lips and avert my eyes.

think before you act, i tell myself myself myself
who am i?

lost in a maze, lost in the crowd
i am trying to find my way home.


  1. i am trying to find my way home too.
    you're not alone. i promise. <3

  2. you are defintely not alone, i promise as well.
    i think we are all lost, hoping to be found or find something.


  3. i understand. and love, me too.