Sunday, December 5, 2010

sweet rain

i love you all, my beautiful, kind, thoughtful friends.

i am often lonely but whenever i see your comments i feel better, safer, loved.
today it started to rain so i went outside in my backyard and tiptoed in my underwear (was home alone). it was a delightful, silly moment until the phone rang and i stumbled inside.

so my lovely friend helen has decided to make a plan.
i think i will do the same!

here it is:

1) no eating past 5 pm
2) steer clear of sugars, candies, crackers/chips
3) exercise at least an hour a day

should be simple enough! my kcal range will most likely be between 900-1200

wish me luck!



  1. oh yes i forgot to put a time limit.

    loveyou dear
    your comments make me feel loved too. as do everyone elses. what the hell was i doing before blogging?

  2. Sounds like fun!!!
    a delightful moment


  3. i am so glad you feel loved.
    because you are!
    and thanks for the lovely comments you've been giving lately. you always seem to make me feel heaps better.

  4. you are awesome, you deserve all this love

    the best of luck, xx