Sunday, February 13, 2011

beautiful mind

There are so many thoughts that flit through my mind every second of the day- many times I want to say something but I can't because I've got five other thoughts zipping through the halls of my brain, like tiny hot gas molecules bumping into each other and crashing into the walls.

Sometimes I feel it would be nice to just slow down. By slowing down I mean thinking deeply about just a few thoughts in my mind, and letting those thoughts float about gently in my brain instead of whizzing through.

Perhaps that way I could reach better conclusions and solutions about dilemmas I face. Truly think before I open my mouth or do something.

But then again the beauty of spontaneity could get lost in the midst of my logic.

It is a bright Sunday morning. I hear the sound of my parents talking in the bathroom, birds chirping and the babbling of water flowing out of the sink. With each pause of my clicking fingers, the silence fills me up like water pouring into a cup- deep, cool, smooth, calm.


  1. Lovely, dear.

    I alternate between this state of mind that you have described, and complete emptiness.



  2. Have you tried meditation? it can be a good option for slowing down while being spontaneous

    love you girl