Wednesday, February 2, 2011

sont des mots qui vont tres bien ensemble

i love you all so much... i reread your comments over and over again because they make me smile :)

so right now school starts late, and i had some soup and a tangerine for a late breakfast/lunch. listening to The Beatles (Michelle, my favorite song as of late) as the sunlight bathes me gently in its soft embrace.

in other news..
i've decided to cut carbs from my diet. which means no rice, bread, noodles, or chips...

tres difficil! but i will manage, i know i will :) sometimes rules are good, rules are beneficial.

yesterday i spent the afternoon dancing on my balcony, swirling and twirling and smiling because the sun was shining and the clouds were pink. walked my two silly dogs to the park with my little sister, sunk my feet in the sand as i watched tall boys play football and skateboard.

my heart is lonely sometimes, but i am preparing myself for my true love...wherever you are.

a hundred kisses and tulips,



  1. oh, you are magic.
    and iloveyou

  2. Ithink I've already said this, but I love reading your posts when you are happy, I really imagine you dancing and smiling and you make me smile with you.
    lots of love

  3. Oh me too, dear. Me too! You make me feel less alone in that respect... I can't wait for true love. It drives me forward, it makes me smile to myself when my heart feels so alone.

    You described your day so beautifully. I love to think of you so happy :)

    Love forever,


  4. You seem like such a lovely person, dear. Dancing on your balcony.. everything in your blog seems so magical. I'm definitely following, xxx

  5. a balconydance among pink clouds must be the perfect way to spend a day, bisous aurélie

  6. You are such a wonderful, wonderful person: never forget that, love. xxx

  7. What a wonderful post, and what a beautiful person you are. I dance with myself, too. X

  8. Comments rock :) love your name.