Sunday, February 13, 2011

screwed up

eating out with friends resulted in disaster.
i ate noodles and three pieces of chocolate.
i also came home and ate some more; i don't even remember what.
my mother made dinner so i had some of that too.

fuck. i was doing so well.

....i'm going to exercise for an hour outside; just by running and jumping in the dark with my headphones on. afterwards a nice shower and i should be fine, as long as i stay up late.

i'll update back in an hour or so.


i haven't showered yet, but i ran/jogged/jumped/danced outside.
i still feel fat.
i still hate my body
i still can't stand myself.


  1. oh love.
    i hope you feel better soon.

    you will get there.

  2. Oh me too me too me too.

    And I hate that I hate it. And I hate that you hate it.

    I hope you're alright, dear. I send you all my love.