Wednesday, June 2, 2010


you say you're here for me
you make sure i'm okay
you visit me when i'm lonely
you call me when i'm scared
we get along well
we listen to music
we laugh
we have spontaneous lunch dates

but we could never be more than best friends
you are too wonderful for me
and better off with a normal smiling girl
you'd get tired of me if we were together

so i'll leave it at that
keep my broken heart to myself
try to put the pieces back together
by myself

today i purged again. i think i will do a liquid fast tomorrow. it's strange how when everything deteriorates in my life, i can get back in control.


  1. i've been in similar situations..

    you're not by you go along,we'll help you to put the pieces back together.


  2. I'm sorry.
    I know this feeling.
    Stay strong.


  3. i know. i know. i know. and a hundred times over. i know this feeling.
    but you do deserve to be loved. you deserve to be happy.
    we'll always be here to help piece the pieces back together.

  4. ahhhh, this was the thing I was so horribly failing to give you advice on because I am so rotten. :( well, just to let you know, I basically agree with everything helen melon said. you deserve every happiness in the world.

  5. I'm sorry, so, so sorry.
    I wish the world would be kinder to you, because you don't deserve this.
    You're beautiful, you know?
    Please, don't ever, ever forget.

  6. nabilah, tywo, helen, birdie, athena- thank you a million times over; i love you. it's a comfort that you are here for me and i want to be of the same sort of solace to you too. thanks so much<3

  7. The Lord heals all wounds.
    Do not worry.
    Heartbreak does not last forever.

  8. hang in there girlie!
    it's never as bad as it seems, you just have to keep reminding yourself that: "this too, shall pass"