Wednesday, June 9, 2010

thanatopsis and the Metaphysic

the concept of infinity- "indivisible and impartible...untraversable"- is quite the confusing subject. difficult to comprehend, if you think hard about it. because it's almost beyond our comprehension, if not completely. we've never even seen it before! this realm of mind-boggling expanse of infinite is almost so weird it can't exist. yet people are quite certain it does.

and we have time, and the timeless. and springtime. to imagine that a couple thousand years ago, a young girl was sitting in a field enjoying the sun and the flowers. fast forward back to 2010 and i'm that girl, except probably a bit fatter and sitting in front of a computer.

but no matter. spring is here, and we've got no time to study Kant and his Metaphysic hodgepodge.

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  1. i love you.
    you are wonderful.

    ps - i wish i could read minds. sometimes.
    maybe it's better not knowing.