Saturday, June 26, 2010


i know i've been inconsistent & a bore, but bear with me (it gets good later...sike)

breakfast: 1 granola bar & water

lunch: something involving protein & veggies

snack: fruit smoothie (can't get out of it... thanks mom)

dinner: lean cuisine/fruit salad/veggie salad

as a rule i'll stay under 1200 calories daily- i used to eat way less but considering how much i burn from sports and whatever supposedly it leads to uncontrollable bingeing later. which sucks ass but i guess i'll stick to around 1000 then.

confession: i really hate eating raw salads. it pisses me off, because i know it's a good meal and amazing for my fat ass but it tastes like grass. but i think if i eat it enough i can grow (i.e. force myself) to like them. maybe. hopefully. i better.

miscellaneous tips: beans make you REALLY full. grapes/dried fruits are fucking calorie bombs; stay clear even though they appear harmless. carbs (for me, at least) act as a catalyst for binges, so don't have any at all unless it's whole wheat- even then, be careful. stale chips act as a deterrent for compulsive bingeing; you're less inclined to keep eating nasty stale cardboard than if they were fresh & tempting. AVOID EATING WITH FRIENDS/FAMILY- you're basically setting yourself up for an epic failure- and you know it, too. make smart choices at starbucks- soy lattes are better than caramel frapps- and don't even think about adding whipped cream.

and last, but not least- salsa is ambrosia for skinnies. it's so flavorful yet low calorie it's unbelievable. salsa on your eggs, salsa on your salads, you name it.

thought i'd add a last bit: my greatest weakness at the moment is cereal with milk. i consume copious amounts of it. need to avoid cereal at all costs; must lose my affinity for it & replace it with healthy nasty salads.



  1. you can do it girlie, I'm on your side.
    think i might try something like this, but i don't know how the food situation is going to be at camp. making me nervous..
    anyway good luck, i'm rooting for you.

  2. All my love.
    Have a great weekend.