Wednesday, July 7, 2010


leaving for a one-month trip to chicago this friday. no parent supervision. you all know what that means...i'm going to get thin! :)

sigh. it's about time i took myself seriously and got back to work. honestly, when my motivation drops it's shocking how low i can go (or how high, according to the scales)... which is why chicago is a chance for me to start afresh, in a beautiful city on my own.

i would also love to hear any suggestions on how to maintain weight loss/ good appetite suppression tips, etc. so i do well on my own :)

here's my plan:

breakfast: oatmeal, fruit and coffee

lunch: lean protein, cooked veggies or salad

snack: ...yogurt? fruit?

dinner: salad with protein/ soup/ grilled veggies

all in all, even if i don't follow this exactly i aim to stay at around 700 calories, because i plan to walk and exercise a lot.

i'm REALLLLYY hoping this will work, and that i'll follow this for a month. i'll need all the motivation i can get, so i'll be on blogger daily with updates!

xoxo, coco


  1. ooh, a trip to chicago, what are you gonna be up to there? if you don't mind me asking that is.

    walking is by far one of the best forms of exercise in my opinion. apparently burn 400kcals in an hour so that's a good plan of yours.

    green tea is good for filling you up plus speeding up your metabolism.

    green apples and mushrooms are good go to snacks cos they are negative calorie foods plus reli filling.

    and appetite suppressing ...gum or diet coke?

    take care lovely xo

  2. i'm taking a class on art and meaning :)

    apples and mushrooms, grazie<3

    ..i also really need to remember to buy gum....

    thank you xoxo :)

  3. thank u for your comment in our blog. i'll give you some advice to loose weight: you have to eat six times a day. you have to eat the three important meals, and in between eat something light. you have to eat all kinds of vegetables, meat and fruit. you also can eat chocolates and sweets but just once or twice a week.
    to do exercises is also a very important thing. you should go running at least three days a week, one hour would be ideal. and if you want you can go to the gym. remember this: if you don't eat, the next thing you eat it will be the double of the kcal.
    good luck and then tell me how is everything!