Thursday, July 15, 2010

things are

okay. could be better. but that's how a lot of things are for me.

eating okay. not much snacking going around, mostly because i simply don't have the luxury of doing so time-wise and money-wise. trying to work out every day, it's motivating when a lot of the guys here are skinny and look as if you could break their bones.

hm. what would be the most efficient way to lose a LOT of weight in 2 weeks? i hunger for tips and advice, fellow bloggers.

xoxo, coco


  1. Hey :)
    If I was you I'd discover the world around me. Walk around or take a bike if you got a chance to and just see whats around you. You burn some calories and you're too excited to eat hopefully :D
    I wouldn't take money with me so i don't have any chance to buy food when i get hungry. Just take some water with you. I hope you have enough time for this :)
    stay strong xo

  2. yes, thats a good option and then when you're starving eat chewing gum, the best ones are those that has no sugar and said "with fenilanine"(or something like that)because it works as a laxative.
    when you need to eat something try citrics like grapefruit or orange because as thery are sour they help to burn calories.

  3. are you there?? are you alright?
    I'm afraid of something bad having happened to you, hope not.
    please appear

  4. oh i love you all<3

    thank you thank you thank you

    kenya, you are so sweet. i'm doing well, and i'm so thankful you thought about me.