Wednesday, July 28, 2010



this feeling is so heavy, yet it floats in the air.
will we ever meet again?
my logic tells me, however flawed, that eventually your spell will fade away into the corners of my memory
but for now,
i can feel it
you are so alive to me right now...

the tension i feel when close to you
the mere thought of your eyes
clear, so clear. so infinite.

no one else matters right now, is that a problem?

you asked me yesterday what i thought about you
if i told you the truth
you might be frightened
at how much i like you.

i still can't use the word love.

i don't know what it is yet.

someone, please
fill this emptiness
my loneliness


  1. i suppose i am hurting, and you are too, like two peas in a pod when you think about it. i wish i could make it go away for you. i do, i do.

    have you read fml's? they can be funny sometimes, sometimes i laugh out loud at them and sometimes i feel sorry for the person and sometimes they just plain right deserve it.

    or watch this guy on youtube:
    he's funny and even for a few minutes while watching you can forget.

    so yes that's what i use sometimes.
    i'm sorry, i fail as an advice giver. i shouldn't be allowed do it, it probably does more bad than good. and now i'm completely rambling in your comment box and you see i'm filling this up with love in hope that it will transfer to you because i really do care about you and i want you to be ok.
    all my love, xo.

  2. oh love.
    your emptiness will be filled.
    but wonderful things.

    the hurt, is not worth it.
    let go.
    be free.