Friday, July 23, 2010

je t'aime

i love you. all of you.

thank you for being supportive and loving and beautiful.

i wish i could somehow give back the thoughts and care you've all given me; i wish i could be a fraction of the beauty you contain.

the days go by so quickly, so fleeting
like the white blossoms that float by outside

except flowers bloom every spring

broken hearts
so red, so pure
can you feel my pulse?
it beats for you, for me, for anything

i love you.
i love you.
i love


  1. your writing here gives back more than we have ever offered you. it's beautiful.

    and that observation, of the days, yes, they go so quickly. it's as if they were really there are at all.


  2. my days are flying and my nights are crawling.
    i missed you dear.
    how are you?

  3. i asume that the "i love you" goes for me too! hahhah
    seriously i haven't done anything extrordinarious, but maybe it was useful for you.
    about time, i'm really worried, in less than 6 months i'll be in my last school year and that's scary. I'm about to decide my future, wow!!

  4. you know, sometimes the world seems to be a small paper, but when you realize how big it is, it's frightening,
    nice to hear from you
    all my best