Tuesday, November 30, 2010

my loves

hellooo fellow bloggers (and/or readers) :)

i just wanted to give you wonderful ladies an update of how i'm doing, because nothing else really has been going on that's particularly inspiring..

so. this morning i weighed 118.7 lbs. that's a bmi of 21.0.

still not where i want to be, at all. but i gained so much weight since the summer and at least i'm losing it, even if it's slowly.

i can't believe i was once 108 lbs. really, i don't understand how i let myself go so easily.

but i will keep going, and i will stop eating so much and i will be lose fat by the end of this month.

i can. and i will.


  1. same place as you right now, love. stay strong, always remember that you're beautiful! x

  2. you're strong. you can achieve your goals. i know you can. :)

  3. hello baby, I know you can, just keep on moving and you'll get it