Sunday, January 2, 2011

back on track

loves, i've been crying over this boy and eating disgustingly
but time to get back on track!! :)
i really shouldn't be like this to myself and i know i deserve better
so thank you, and i love you all who were so kind to give me advice <3 <3 <3

lately i've been seeing progress due to my plan of eating only three times a day. it really helps me because i sleep really late and although i'm starving by 11 pm in the morning i feel fine and my stomach is getting smaller! :)

so i'll still post up a post-winter break picture to show you all :)


going to shower soon, going to start working out tomorrow (hopefully this dreadful rain stops!)

i have a problem of being rather lazy when it comes to working out in my room. i love running and going to the gym but i can't seem to do push ups or little things that really help when i'm alone in my room. hm. so i'll try to work on that.




  1. What helps me when I'm starving before bed is to chug a diet drink. It fills up your stomach more than water

  2. im glad youre in a better mood, and im lazy in general when it comes to exercise... FUCK, that reminds me. i skipped dance today... by accident. :( oh well.

    stay lovely. <3

  3. I'm really lazy too, if I'm not in the gym with my trainer shouting at me "go on! don't stop!" I cant exercise.
    I'm really happy about your progress hope you keep on improving!