Thursday, January 6, 2011

dying of a broken heart

oh, i know i'm being immature.
i know this will have to pass eventually.

but i really just can't seem to get over him!
i've tried and i've waited but each day is painful and long and all i want is for him to love me back and realize i'm the one for him.

all i want is to have someone for myself.

i feel sick with jealousy that any other girl might capture his attention.

it makes me weak, helpless, empty inside to know that his feelings for me are dead. cold.

maybe i need to really lose weight? maybe then i'll be more attractive. and confident.

i have these phases where i feel desperately in love and dying of lovesickness, and another where i feel calm and rational and know that everything is going to be okay, and that my time will come.

except the latter doesn't happen very often, and i'm usually dying of lovesickness.

what should i do?! i want us to be like Harry and Sally except minus the long wait and hurry up to the happy ending.
i want my happy ending.


  1. oh ,dear .I know exactly what you mean . I'm still in school and I have to see this boy everyday .__.I have a crush on him since 9 months ...suffering is my second name .everyday I cry because of him ,or even in the auditorium when I see girls around him ..the hardest thing is when he smiles at one of them .. But don't stress yourself or think that you are a person that is not worth to be with because you call yourself fat .You have a wonderful soul and if he doesn't see that ..well know xD .Keep focused on your goals but DON'T EVER DO SOMETHING FOR A CERTAIN PERSON .The first person in your life has to be you.
    Good luck <3

  2. Hey dear,
    i know how you feel. I am about to lose my boyfriend because we both did a mistake once.. we've been together for 3 1/2 years now.. and i still want him, i don't want another guy. I know how you feel. I use this feeling of being depressed and sad and lonely to starve. Because i think this feeling is worse than being hungry.
    I hope you get over it soon, or he wants you back. I hope the best for you

  3. I love that film. Everyone wants that, don't they? Finding that person where everything just fits, everything is perfect. There's no questioning that kind of love.

    I wish I could take the pain away from you. You shouldn't be questioning yourself because of the way he's made you feel. Prove to him that you are worth so much more than he is. Then maybe he'll see what he lost.

    I hope things are better for you soon, dear.

    All my love,
    Athena x