Sunday, January 30, 2011

severe mercy

don't be lonely, he tells me.
don't be scared. you're not lost. i'm here for you. i was always here for you.

he wipes my tears and holds me close.

i love you. i love you. i love you.

i will never leave you, even if the world threatens to fall apart. even if there is no one else left to turn to, i am here.

my heart aches and aches and i want to believe him, but i feel the doubt and hurt of my years holding me back. but little by little i am letting him into my heart.

one day, i'll believe truly that i am loved. and i will welcome it with tears of joy.


  1. beautiful. to feel loved is a most reassuring thing. x

  2. yes, someday, you will.

    loveyou, xo

  3. such an inspiration. in paris the streets are filled with endless love all night long. we just don't know where to look. not in the faces of all the beautiful strangers we meet, not in the velvet sky but in the silversmoke that will touch your cheek, softly on a cold january morning. that morning when you wished you wouldn't have to be anywhere but there. take care dear, bisous aurélie

  4. according to somebody, we accept the love we think we deserve. it's true, isn't it. but where does the love go when it isn't into your body? does it just float up, up and into space? he says beautiful things to you and you deserve them, because you are darling.

    it will be lovely when you can believe him. it will be like nothing else.

  5. You write beautifully. This is so delicate and heart-warming. You deserve love, everybody deserves love, it's all we want as human beings, to be loved. I wish you all the best. x