Friday, January 21, 2011

barcelona- please don't go

my lovely girls,

the last post might have seemed as if i had good news. i suppose in a way, in the long run, it is good for me.

i decided i could not keep talking to a boy i fell madly for over the winter break. his priorities and mine were different, and what he wanted was not a lover but a girl. just one to have around for the winter break until he went back to university.

sounds like a sad story, and i shed a few tears myself. but i'm okay now, and i feel a sad sort of happy, because i know it was for the best.

watched An Education yesterday. it's a lovely movie, and i think a lot of you girls might empathize with the main character as much as i did.

lastly, i know this whole post might seem like just a summary, but i just wanted to get it out. i'd rather not dwell on the subject because my heart is changing and i am slowly healing.

i love all of you. please don't give up on love, beauty or anything that is dear to you. hope is a beautiful thing, and it is not always foolish.



  1. i know, but thank you, for reminding me.
    i needed that.

  2. this is a beautiful post. i am glad you are doing better.


  3. ah breakups! how vividly you portray the bittersweet.

    i love this. xx

  4. "mas vale sola que mal acompaƱada"

    I really like reading your posts when you are feeling good,

  5. oh, I hope you heal soon. love you and your blog. xx