Sunday, March 28, 2010


why is it that when i binge, i don't give a damn about anything

but afterwards i hate myself with such ferocity i can't believe that i actually had the guts to put food on my lips?

it's a vicious cycle... as we all very well know...

- so spring break has been off to a shaky start. i got in a lot of running and fencing, but also ate a lot of snacks here and there and basically i think my calorie intake is balancing out my calorie loss. now that is just pathetic.

also, i'm confused as to the technical side of fat loss- starving yourself makes you fatter/ slows down your metabolism? how little can you eat before it backfires?

i want to wear a bikini with confidence. is that so wrong?

1 comment:

  1. I know about the binging, I do that too. Its so stupid and awful and horrible and I just hate it so much but I still continue to do it anyway.
    I'm not sure about all the fatloss. But drinking cold water speeds up your metabolism, and has no calories. Obv. But still.
    No, it isn't so wrong at all. I wish I could wear a bikini.