Tuesday, March 30, 2010

can't say i've been good..

today i set my mind on studying the whole day, and not eating
but unfortunately i ended up failing at both.

breakfast: -cup of soymilk and cheerios
-3 strawberries

lunch: -zero calorie mojito green tea (which tasted too sweet but whatever)
-soy latte (took off most of the cream on top... darn you batista)

dinner: -two slices of walnut bread (very thin and made with whole wheat... so not as bad as it sounds!)
-3-4 strawberries
-2 hot cheetos puffs (i cannot believe my mom bought those)
-around 20 (or more? oh God...) doritos

i know, i binged on the last part.. mindlessly eating those disgusting fat-inducing calories... but i hated myself for it so i took an hour long run around my neighborhood, the park and a hill. so hopefully most of it burned off.

i've drank one bottle of water afterwards, and i haven't eaten anything thus so far. hopefully my body burns off the rest of the calories i consumed because i'll be staying up until around 11/12...

let's cross our fingers for tomorrow.


  1. hang in there... you're going to do amazing. i just know it. keep your mind on your goals. =] hey, you didn't do too bad compared to me if that makes you feel any better. stay strong, think thin. =]


  2. thank you so much! i wish you the best too(: