Thursday, March 11, 2010


so i realized that i have an eating pattern.

-breakfast : very light, usually a few tablespoons of oatmeal with a cup of steamed milk & walnuts

-lunch: a peanut butter sandwich on rye

-snacks in between (this is at school, by the way): one banana, some slices of apple, one sugar-free 10 calorie jello, sometimes one orange

dinner: (a bit early, around 4:30-5:00 pm) cereal with milk or something that my mom prepared for me

i usually stop eating from then, but i tend to overeat during dinner... however i stay up until 12-1:00am every night ... i wonder how many calories are "cancelled out" from that?

anyway, this is not really an ideal eating plan, i know, but i'm curious as to how you guys eat and what your eating patterns are. i don't purge because i want to keep my teeth healthy and personally it frightens me, but i want to be able to cut back on eating without arousing suspicion from family or friends...

comments, suggestions, tips?

xoxo, coco


  1. I've spent years living off one meal a day plus 40 calories in the morning before school. It's fucked me up no end.

    I'm not sure about giving people tips but I'll support anyone trying to be happy with themselves so my "healthy" suggestions are no bananas (bananas bad), veganism (arguably not healthy but anywhoo) and marmite instead of peanut butter (gets you lots of vitamin B).

    You already don't eat very much so take care, *hugs* xo

  2. @ sunshine: i'm not vegan, but i'm pescatarian (meaning fish but not red meat) :)

    thanks for the advice! i've never seen marmite here in america, is it a european thing?

    xoxo (: