Thursday, August 5, 2010

it's been nice

chicago was a magical three weeks of puppy love, laughs, new friends and first times.

i had a lot of fun and i will definitely treasure my time at the University of Chicago. Leaving for home is bittersweet, but i think it's high time i got back home, readjusted to my old life, and started preparing for the road ahead.

i've got a lot to do in terms of college apps, studying, training for sports and losing weight. one thing i can say with certainty is that i've learned quite a bit about relationships and people in general (having lived for three weeks with my suitemates and students without parental supervision). i'm ready to take on the crappy world that is high school again, and i'm going to make this year amazing.

watch me.


  1. I know you will because you are amazing.

  2. it will be the greatest year