Monday, August 30, 2010

day 1

breakfast: 1/2 protein shake
snack: 1 bar
lunch: sliced cucumbers,grapes and cherry tomatoes
half of a veggie burger, no condiments/cheese, etc.
snack: 1 bowl cereal with 2% milk
1 bar
~910 kcalories

dinner: lean cuisine: 230
dry cereal (binge): ~200(?)
bowl of grapes: ~100

total eaten: 1440 kcal

*ran for approx. 40 min. today...i think that's about 200 kcal burned off

so.. i guess that adds up to 1240.. again, this might not be accurate because i always assume something is more calories than less, and i usually round off numbers. i haven't eaten since maybe 8pm (the grapes), which was after my run. i'm hoping i can do better by eating earlier and not binging on cereal/bars. my parents were eating food later with some wine but i quickly ran upstairs to the safety of my room :)

i think i've burned calories throughout the course of the day, but i'm not going to weigh myself until sunday! wish me luck loves <3

xoxo, coco

*note: i'm SO GLAD for those who are joining me on my september goals! i love you girls and i will watch you get thinner with me :)



  1. congratulations, it s great how you promise something and you do it, keep on like this!, but remember that your health is over everything, less than 900 clories will be harmful,