Thursday, August 26, 2010

so it turns out...

i was sick last night, which partially explains my sour mood (although i have my other reasons). i realize that a lot of the people i know i do not like very much. what can i say? nothing in defense.
je me déteste.

no one likes les bébés pleurnichards! but i am a whiny baby. i really am. i hate being fat, fat, fat fatfatfat. maybe being a whiny baby isn't so bad. but being a whiny baby that does nothing to solve her problem is.




  1. You're not a whiny baby. I always love reading your posts, and if you whined all the time I might not! I think August has been a pretty crappy month for most of us here on blogger... september will be better, september will be a fresh start.

    Perdita, xo

  2. Exepting die you can change everything in the world, try to, but don't die meanwhile. There are plenty of beautyful things in the world that you must be greateful, try to find them so that you feel better, xx

  3. i'm stuck in the same rut too.
    maybe we could help eachother.
    i don't know how just yet.

  4. i get stuck like that sometimes.
    but it always passes.

    finding the solution is the hard part.

  5. I guess we're all whiny babies, but hey... I see nothing wrong with it. :)As i read the comments above, it seems we're all stucked in this shit at some point of our lives uh?