Sunday, August 29, 2010

hello sunday

today i woke up at six, took a shower, and walked around my neighborhood for an hour. i liked the fog and the chill. lovely. i thought about allen and the way the lush orange,yellow and green leaves reminded me of him.

i went to church later today. i had half a bagel and two individually wrapped cookie treats. and some tea and coffee.

for lunch i walked with my friend and i got a grilled cheese sandwich. because i only had five dollars.

i am writing this now and i haven't had anything else. i think in total that was about 700 calories. i know it was a lot, but i don't want to feel guilty about it because i am not perfect and i'm going to be better tomorrow. i think i'll have some fruit or salad later, and have some tea or something without calories. maybe i'll go for a jog if i have time, and hopefully stay under 1000 calories.

adieu mes chéris,


------7:33 pm------
after the town hall meeting, which had a horde of muffins and cookies and pretzels... i couldn't resist and i had two small muffins (those tiny ones with chocolate drops in them) and a small cookie (by small i mean half the size of my palm). booooooo. did i mention before going i had a whole cucumber?

i came back, had some oatmeal and a 90 calorie twix icecream bar (i hate how it's smaller than my palm but it's so fattening) before heading upstairs. i read some of your lovely posts and decided to go for a jog. now i'm a bit dizzy but i feel refreshed, especially after my private dance party in my room in my undies:)

so i guess that would be 700+(approx)430=1130 calories eaten, but i'm most likely under 1000 now because i've just come back from a 30+ min jog and a crazy dance thing. huzzah for exercise, thinspo and motivation!

i'm not going to eat anything tonight. i promise. i promise. i promise.


  1. Good luck. I LOVED the way you said "I don't want to feel guilty about it because i am not perfect and i'm going to be better tomorrow." :), yes girl. That's the attitude we must all keep :)

  2. sounds like a lovely, lovely day :)