Monday, August 30, 2010

promises and excuses

this time i'm taking out all excuses.

i promise (for the month of september, and after that we'll see):

1. run everyday (well, mostly everyday unless i have a huge test or crisis, etc)
2. no eating past 7 pm
3. TRY to sleep early
4. virtually no junk food
5. amp up on my sex appeal (or whatever little i have) by taking care of my skin, hair, clothes, etc. **doing this should keep me motiviated to get thinner
6. study hard, so i can go to a beautiful university and live my life


  1. I like this a lot. I might join you :) Septemeber will be amazing.

    Perdita, xo

  2. joining :)
    i'm going to keep a food journal. keep on track.
    good luck dear.

  3. LIKE! I'm joining you. September is the best month of the year. (my bday haha)