Friday, May 14, 2010

acceptance? compliance?

would it be sick if i told you i purged for the second time today, and felt like flying afterwards?

quite possibly.

but i had to; i saw no other way out.

perhaps i want someone to save me

but a big (if not 100%) part of me would rather fight than give this up.

"nothing tastes as good as thin feels."

i love you kate moss.


  1. to some people it probably would but not to me. its just the way things go around here.
    i used to think that, and sometimes there are times when i want to be saved, but they don't last long and i always deny that anything is ever wrong.
    i love the feeling of flying.

  2. bless kate moss (you know someone once told me her words were ridiculous...hmm, ridiculously true maybe)

    anyway, no it's not sick. rather an amusing pun and like ellie said, the way things are round here.

    flying is amazing. if i could, i'd fly away and never come back. xo