Sunday, May 9, 2010

mixed feelings and mother's day

i'd love to find a person that i love and who loves me back; i'd like to give my unconditional love to my kids someday. i'm not yet sure if i'll even end up getting married, but it's a nice thought. today, for mother's day, i spent hours making pasta with loads of fresh vegetables, shrimp and wine, followed by a handmade card and offering to wash the dishes and clean up the kitchen afterwards (not the most delightful experience). i felt happy going out of my way to do something for someone i care about; it was a nice change from self-loathing and bitterness at the world. haha, only kidding (sort of). i only wish i could have the heart to be this nice to my mom every day, and that she could feel loved like this each day. it kind of makes me sad that beautiful, amazing things don't last very long... but in a twisted sort of way that makes them all the more special, i think.

well, look at me, debbie downer, overthinking mother's day.

haha, i also wanted to give much love to all of you out there; i'm especially delighted at ellie's terribly kind gesture of giving me a blogger award- thanks so much<3 and for those who didn't have a very nice mother's day, i am here for you and i extend my love and thanks for being wonderful caring people. i hope everyone has a great week and keeps blogging! i don't always have time to comment but i genuinely love reading everyone's posts.



  1. you are so sweet :)
    and i know what you mean about mothers day, but if you did that everyday it wouldn't be as special.
    you know something, it wasn't mothers day in ireland? strange, i know!