Sunday, May 16, 2010


chanel iman

i wish to be like her one day.

*as a sidenote: i apologize to all of you beautiful souls out there for not blogging as often as i used to; it's just my stability is on and off these days and i feel so scattered; i need some time for things to settle before i do anything for more than 5 seconds ... so for the time being, please tolerate her even though she's being terribly annoying :(

much love to everyone, stay strong and lovely xoxo,



  1. concentrating on anything for more than 5 seconds is tricky in my book.

    i have the attention span of a gold fish.

    love xo

  2. i agree.

    its ok, i get like that too.
    my attention span is almost next to nothing.

    ps - thank you.