Saturday, May 29, 2010

music lover's award

thank you helen<3

ten songs that i have on repeat lately...

1. Sweet Disposition- The Temper Trap
2. Mardy Bum- The Arctic Monkeys
3. Like or Like Like- Miniature Tigers
4. Rich Girls- The Virgins
5. Last Words- The Real Tuesday Weld
6. A Dance 'Round The Memory Tree- Oren Lavie
7. Paris- Yael Naim
8. Don't Know Why- Norah Jones
9. Love Is Colder Than Death- The Virgins
10. The Party- Justice ft. Uffie

my ipod is white.

i don't quite know who to give this to- you all deserve a million of these.

anyone who sees this (i really do love you) is who gets the award. consider yourself (yes, you there) awarded :)


  1. HAHA those head phones in that apple are probably ruined now :)

  2. AND I would love a buddy sweetie :)

  3. those songs sound good.
    i'm gonna have a listen.

  4. helen melon! please do, you might be pleasantly surprised :)

    and zoe, do you have aim?