Sunday, May 23, 2010

some scars never go away

you know the ones that leave marks? that never fade completely away?

i really don't like those.

this is more of in the figurative sense. i guess what i'm trying to express here is this feeling of heartache and bitterness i feel after my encounters with some people. ex boyfriends who want to make your life miserable just to see you suffer, friends who throw knives at your heart and expect you to apologize, and the like.

it almost makes me wish i never met those people. but do i really want that? i don't quite know.

all i know right now is that it hurts, and i'm tired.


  1. i'm trying to find the words and am failing... but I like to think scars tell our story, they build up our shell and that we are everyone we meet and love and hate.

    but people are cruel and cruelty is exhausting and you don't deserve either of those.


  2. We love, girlfriend, and we learn! The best we can do is learn from the scars.

  3. Awwww....
    Scars may be sad, but they make us stronger.


  4. some people are just jerks and you are better than them.
    because you are lovely.

  5. thanks girls, i love you <3