Wednesday, September 15, 2010


i realize there is no point in self editing...
this is me
this is who i am, whether i like it or not

"inside every cynical person is a disappointed idealist"

this makes me sad

p.s. stayed home today; lied that my allergies rendered me helpless to do anything. i can't function


  1. coco I´m starting with meditation: I know it's really good, somepeople say that when you get your "inside point" it's like smoking weeds!, 30 minutes of meditation are the same as 6 hours sleeping, it can help a lot with your body and strike the right balance.
    Fasting isn't good, I know a girl who didn't eat and whenever she eats she puts on three times what was suposed. Try to eat something, at least 500 calories


  2. Why so sad girl?
    you know what i do when i feel like that? I take a good book a cup of coffee and i go read and drink to the terrace.
    So i forget about this hideous world... :)
    Stay strong love.