Monday, September 13, 2010

inspire aspire to just be me

i was looking through photos from last year, and i found that this is a wonderful way to get motivated to looking like i did before. i've changed since then; my bangs have grown out and my hair is long, wavy and slightly crazy and lighter/redder in color. i've gained about 10 lbs. my style has changed, my thoughts and music interests as well. but i look back and i feel a tinge of envy over the old me. i don't think i felt fat back then; now i'm painfully aware of it everyday... i have to get back in shape. i want to be able to lie in bed on cold mornings and feel my hipbones...feel my shoulder blades and flat stomach...and thin, thin, thighs.

thin thighs are

i'm going to do this. i promise like i've never promised before. i know my official diet/change is due in October but i need to start taking baby steps. no eating past 6. ever, ever, again.


  1. I do that all the time :)
    You can do this!! Let's do this together okay? :D Screw October, why start tomorrow if we can start today? :D Hehe

  2. i'm going to do that too. this time last year i was so in control, this time now, i am so out of it.