Friday, September 17, 2010

a thousand kisses

thank you lauren, matilda and kenya! you are all SO sweet (and matilda thank you for the cheerful post :) i was a bit confused today:

-breakfast: soup with a bit of brown rice
-no lunch
approx. 4 pm: tofu

binge: 1 slice of bread (60 kcal), cereal (???), the inside part of sushi rolls (not the rice)

ughhh. but i also walked for 40 min. picking my sister up from school, and later swam for an hour in the cold pool. not sure how many calories that burned...

oh. and because it was my birthday, my parents took me out to dinner and we had italian food. i felt sort of sick because it was too much food, so afterwards in the restaurant bathroom i tried to purge but it was mostly water and salad...strange. i did have a lot of salad and water though.

and when i got home i had a slice of cake, and a bit of my sister's leftover slice.
... today is my birthday, and i didn't really see a way out of that...

anyways. if you were disgusted by what i wrote above, my apologies. i received money, cards and beautiful boots from my family! if you want to see pictures i may post them up later. although i wish i could lose some more weight before doing so...
Overall this was a delightful birthday:)



  1. coco i am so sorry that i missed your birthday.
    but i am glad tjat you had a womderful time.
    you deserve nothing but wonderfulness.

  2. i'm glad you had a wonderful birthday :)
    birthdays should be wonderful.

  3. Happy birthday to you! Hope you had a nice time and I hope you stop getting worried about your weight. I know, I have gone throught this but in another point of view. I am too skinny, and can't gain weight. Seriously, is not the most amazing thing in the world. You are what you are and give thanks that you have a complete boddy!

  4. you don't need to say thanks!

    I'm happy you've enjoyed your birthday, you are very nice and I love hacving "met" you

    big x