Tuesday, September 21, 2010


i've been feeling uninspired. tired, empty, fat. mostly fat.
stopped dieting and thinking, just eating until i felt sick...

i should start again. what do i do when everything seems futile?


  1. Hello hello! Thank you for your comment on my blog, I freakin' love Amelie! I wish I was as beautiful as she was =)

    I understand how you're feeling, I feel the same at the moment. Life sucks and then we die. What can you do? Things will always change, we can just hope for the better.

  2. i love you.
    i'm currently attempting the abc.
    out of pure desperation.

    i miss you. but i can't find the right words.

  3. i find that when i stop focusing and obessing over food and try (it IS difficult) to temporarily direct my passion somewhere else, like painting or cleaning, i end up not eating as much.
    well, maybe that's because i am borderline OCD and also a compulsive overeater.

    hope you get inspired soon.


  4. stop, firstly, think what you REALLY want, then the things you can do for getting it, and nothing else, work for it, I know you can

    "las cosas van a surgir solas"


  5. Try origami.
    It sounds silly but i swear it keeps my mind busy!! :D Smile honey. Get a puppy, a puppy always knows how to make you feel good. :) I know because i have one and he also keeps my mind busy, playing around or taking a walk :) Love you coco.