Wednesday, September 8, 2010

enlighten me

why the fuck should i even care about losing weight if no one cares about me regardless? why don't i just become fat; you wouldn't like me either way. fuck society and its pretentious ideals. fuck everything. i can be anorexic and it's a problem; i can be normal and it's fat; i can be fat and it's disgusting; i can be myself and it's never fucking enough. so fuck you. fuck you and i don't give a shit anymore.


  1. oh love.
    i'm so sorry.
    you're so right.
    it's never enough.

  2. don't worry about anyone else.

    care for yourself.
    who YOU are.

    screw those who can't see you for yourself or who overlook you for X reasons.

    don't live for others. live for yourself.
    thats how people notice you.
    don't do it for THEM.
    THEY'RE not worth it.

  3. Oh girl, screw society! Care about YOU, what makes YOU happy. Okay? Maybe that's just what you think, but i'm sure there's people out there who actually care about you. :) So whatever, screw those who don't. :) *cyberhugs*

  4. YOU CAN BE WHATEVER YOU WANNA BE, you shouldn't be what people want, but what you feel like being.
    People on't know what they want for you, so they will only confuse you, think what you want and do it, but remember that your happiness can't be the others' sadness

    big kisses