Sunday, September 5, 2010

FYF fest

today was ....indescribable, but i will try.
how can i put a day like this in a mere post? i can't begin to capture the bliss i felt watching local natives and best coast live, the sun beginning to set, turning the sky a smoothie (yes, i said smoothie) of peaceful blueblueblue, soft pink and hues of orange. The occasional breeze was like a shower of kisses and i felt alive. alive. smoked cigarettes and weed with a green-eyed fellow and took pictures with bethany from best coast and patrick from titus andronicus. was starry eyed albeit tired from watching washed out; fell in love with the guy because he looked like a statue in the metropolitan museum... had nothing from 12pm-12am except 2 10 calorie red bulls and a few chips (so as not to look suspicious). after we all went to dennys for pancakes but i still managed to way less than before when i stepped on the scale just now.

mes chéris, i am so happy that you want to join me on my fast! i love and miss all of you, i want you to be strong and take care of yourselves and prepare for the fast after the SAT in October! i think i will start at around the second week of October, and it will be a week-long fast, maybe followed by a milder version so we don't die. ha ha, i love you and i wish i could meet each and every one of you so i could give you a big hug and listen to some sweet music with you .



  1. your day, sounds beautiful. i love sunsetting sky.

    i hope i can do that fast!

  2. You described your day so well i swear i relived it through your words. :) Lovely post, i'll try liquid fast!!

  3. sounds like a beautiful, beachy day. those are always the best. I have missed you dearly. I have snail mail waiting for you :)