Friday, September 10, 2010

i love you

Matilda Bonnet, Helen, Kenya, Marg, Lauren, Birdie <3

Thank you for saying such kind, beautiful, thoughtful words to me. You might have some idea of how much it means to me because I'm sure others say lovely things on your posts and you feel like people care about you and it just makes you smile... thank you ladies again and I only know that I'm here for you too if you need anyone.

xoxo, coco


  1. Aw cutie pie! :)
    Of course, that's what we're here for. That's why i adore blogland. You get to meet awesome people & then not feel so lonely, cause you know someone out there no matter how far, actually cares about you. :)
    I love you too!!! :)
    Hope you're feeling better! :D

  2. You are sooooo cute, and you always say thanks <3
    I'm thankfull for having met you, you are amazing and I would love to know more about you.
    I hope you can learn some spanish from my blog!

  3. you are loved more than you know.