Sunday, September 26, 2010

why can't i just stick to it?

why why why?!!

i know i'll regret it later. i know i HAVE to resist. but i just cave in. i throw all sense of responsibility/ good intentions out the window and i stuff myself, stuff myself until i'm emptier than ever.

hmm. this really needs to stop. i must fix this. otherwise before you know it i'll be so fat there will really be no other solution than to disappear from the face of this earth.

*removed my phone number for privacy reasons, but if anyone wants to text me, please please do tell me! :) *

xoxo, coco


  1. i wish i lived over there.

    you will be okay.
    be strong.

  2. i can't either.
    not anymore.

    we just have to build up the self control. slowly. i wish i could call you, i can't.

    i love you.

  3. We can't keep on doing this.
    Coco, let's stay strong. It's monday, let's keep it up. Let's do this right! We've done this before, we can do it again!!!

    Self control.
    Love you honey!

  4. If only i knew why. I hate it, I cry, scream, hate myself unimaginably... but I still don't stop.

    You have my support my lovely, even if I am struggling as much as you. We can get there, Helen's right, we need control.

    Perdita, xo

  5. If I lived in the us I wouldn't hesitate on calling you, i really wanna help you, but i'm really far away

    i know you can, life has many good stuff to be thrown away, think baby, i know you can, be strong and try to be happy

    lots of love