Thursday, September 30, 2010


sometimes i need to distract myself from the issue with weight, beauty, etc. because it doesn't always help me. maybe i need to become more confident in my interests and absorb myself with things other than myself. maybe then i won't have such an unhealthy relationship with my body.

maybe; it's just a thought.

i wanted to say thank you to everyone who commented on my posts for the last week. i've just been busy so i've been visiting sites sporadically, commenting whenever i could. i really love it when you girls post, it's like i'm learning about amazing people but at the same time i see aspects of myself. i miss a lot of things, and i wish i could tell everyone out there how much i appreciate your kindness and dedication to staying strong, supporting each other. we all go through tough times, but we're holding on, aren't we?

i think i will post more music videos, pictures, poetry and song lyrics from now on. i'm actually really into music and literature and art, but i've never really thought of extending my interests unto here.

i think i'm rambling. i miss you guys. have i said that before? probably. it doesn't matter, please speak to me soon, all of you!

millions of hugs, kisses, laughter and funny faces,



  1. Aw yup. We all go through rough times but nothing last forever! :)They say behind the clouds the sun Haha i just love that quote... :) Love ya coco. October has just started... & it's gonna be awesome!

  2. i love you, you're very kind
    i know that you'll feel better fousing on different stuff. i'll travel soon but i hope that when i come back i find a smiling coco with an artistic blog.

  3. <3 i love you girls so much :)