Friday, October 1, 2010

the 9-day plan

breakfast: black beans
lunch: fruits
dinner: lean cuisine!
1-2 small snacks allowed: 1 slice of bread & some nuts / yogurt

and nothing else! it's only until October 9th, the day of my SAT. so i feel good, not bloated, focused, healthy. i really have no problem with this, if i have a motivating factor. honestly most of the times i fail in dieting is because i feel like nobody cares and i lose motivation. but October is a new month! we can do this, Matilda! :)

i think i can definitely accomplish this because my mom packs me fruit for lunch, some nuts & a slice of bread for my snack (haha how convenient, no?) and i always have black beans for breakfast (not tasty, but i can deal with it). the only moderately hard part might be after school when i have dinner, but i'm thinking if i can stick to lean cuisine and maybe a small yogurt afterwards, i won't be tempted to binge.

* one positive thing i have accomplished this week: i've taken a strong liking for green tea again! i used to love tea but i stopped drinking it for some reason. now that it's becoming winter it's the perfect drink! :)

*one thing i hope to resist: eating past 7, eating cookies/chocolate- it's difficult because i have a very strong craving for sweets, even more than some people crave french fries or mashed potatoes or whatever else people crave.

*one thing i look forward to: oh, i want to save this for my next post!!:) october is going to be AMAZING after my SAT date:) so many things i want to do!

xoxo, coco

p.s. i know i'm posting quite a lot but i just can't keep this all to myself:) plus, i like making plans. so here it is. i promise to follow it!


  1. Yeeesss we can do this cocoo!!! :D I'm looking forward for october 10th!!
    & what are you saving for your next post??? Hmmmmm!!! Haha
    Lova ya coco! Stay strong, say no to sweets! keep your goals in mind!! :D

  2. oh, yes. i do the same with tea, especially green. it is so odd, no? one week i drink boxes and boxes of it, and the next i'd rather vomit. it's crazy.

    & best of luck on your sat's, star! i will definitely be thinking of you as i take mine.

    x, lia